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Mag. Dr. Günter Essl

  • Email: guenter.essl@technikum-wien.at
  • Telephone: +43 1 333 40 77-382

City of Vienna Foundation Professor for Occupation Research

Quality and Degree Program Development

The professional or occupational research itself is still a very young discipline in the context of professional education and professional formation. Your request consists in the design cycle of professions/occupations scientifically in making diagnoses about the further development of work activities and practice competences. The subject horizon of occupation research therefore moves from the historical development of professions/occupations about the operational ranges of application up to dimensions of the embedding to the institutional environment. It gets obvious from it that the methodological and methodical challenges must be solved innovatively enormously and primarily to be able to make new professional phenomena measurable and designable in their dynamics and complexity - not least to also be able to foresee and to define accurately quality standards for future technical training measures. In connection with this, it was permanently a concern to me to work about a qualitative and quantitative research methodology, and publish. My vision is the worldwide establishment of professions and work activities which make sense on the basis of legal and social justice for the people and organizations.t.