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Project Deliverables and Documentation 

Deliverable 1

Deliverable 1 "Smart Cities Activities & Networks: Identifikation of Research and Teaching Priorities for the EU-ASCIN Project" summarizes the results of the workpackages 1 and 2 within the EU-ASCIN project, which include the following steps: 

  • Definition of the smart cities concept and extensive research on existing smart cities topics
  • Detailed analysis of the national and international European-wide teaching & research initiatives in the area of Smart Cities
  • Establishment of targeted teaching & research projects at UAS Technikum Wien, based on the definition and thematic prioritites of smart cities
  • Research of the existing smart cities relevant networks present on social media

Furthermore, the document describes the results of the occupational research planned within the framework of the EU-ASCIN project. 

The document is provided in German.