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GSV-Forum on mobility services and mobility data

GSV-Forum on mobility services and mobility data Image credits: http://www.gsv.co.at/

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  • Venue:Ottakringer Brauerei AG, Ottakringer Platz 1, 1160 Vienna, Austria
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Mobility services, which allow people to travel from "A to B" in a simple, comfortable and transport-optimized way, are comprehensively demanded and offered. An essential basis of these mobility services is data, which are owned by authorities and infrastructure operators. Consequently, the public sector has also established appropriate services alongside data platforms.
In addition to public actors, many private companies also offer a wide range of mobility services, which may be more innovative, flexible and efficient.

  • But do private business models offer sufficient service and data quality, data protection and non-discrimination?
  • How do these approaches harmonize with public interests and policy objectives?
  • Who is to provide the necessary investment for the major mobility trends - Mobility as a Service, Electromobility, Autonomous Driving?
  • Are there common pragmatic responses from the public authorities on the one hand and Google, Apple & Co on the other hand?
  • Where are the international trends?

These and other questions will be faced and discussed in this conference.

Details about the event and the program can be found Here (German)
Please register until 11 September via email at: karin.haslacher@gsv.co.at