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One of the main ideas of the EU-ASCIN project is the establishment of the partner cooperation on academic education and research level. For this purpose several project partners were chosen.

Project partners'  main role is to contribute with their ideas, their own contacts and partnerships, as well as, their professional know-how to the development of the academic network and the smart cities study program. Those cooperation partners include Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Women In Mobility, Energy & Environment Network (WIMEN) and Steinbeis Transfer Centre at Ulm University of Applied Sciences in Germany. AIT (Energy Department) is the program coordinator of the EU-Initiative for smart cities and project manager of the “Joint Programme for Smart Cities of the European Energy Research Alliance”.

UAS Technikum Wien and AIT are involved into the EU strategy-process for education – SET Plan Education and Training Initiative for Photovoltaic Solar Energy. WIMEN is a network of women, which performs extensive work in the areas of mobility, energy and environment. Both UAS Ulm and UAS Technikum Wien are partner in the European Network of Danube Universities. The cooperation between UAS Ulm and UAS Technikum Wien exists since 2012. One of the highlight cooperation activities is the summer academy “Green Waves Summer School” with emphasis on renewable energy.

The project partners involvement includes several workshops and meetings during the whole project period. Besides the councelling role in the project, the cooperation with our partners also includes collective elaboration of the smart cities study program, where project partners can share their work experience and practical knowledge. This contribution is essential, as the study program should meet the future needs of the job market. Further goal of this cooperation is the joint maintenance of the  educational and informational platform, where project partners are provided with relevant information for their stakeholders, above all their students, lecturers and research partners.