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"The integration of decentralized renewable energy systems, improving awareness about energy usage with introduction of smart meters, adapting the infrastructure for e-mobility, working on the attractiveness of public transport are some of the hot topics at Ulm which are connected with the vision of a smart city.

This change process towards a smart city comes together with complex technology which is difficult to understand by public, triggers fears about privacy and faces the general reluctance of the majority against changing behaviors at all.

Therefore the development of smart cities needs a strong involvement of the public.  We have to re-think science and need to develop a social robust knowledge about smart cities together with the society [1]

At Ulm University of Applied Sciences we are working together with the utility and the municipality of Ulm on this change process with a strong involvement of the public which is organized in the AGENDA21. Our main area of research is the integration of renewable energy into the distribution network with two real life test sites." 

[1] Nowotny, Scott, Gibbons: “Re-Thinking Science – Knowledge and the Public in the Age of Uncertainty”; Polity Press, UK 2007.


Gerd Heilscher

Energy data management of decentralized renewable energy systems


E: heilscher@hs-ulm.de

T:+49 73150 28360

General Discription

The Ulm University of Applied Sciences is a university of applied sciences with study courses mainly directed at the technical sector. The study courses have a broad approach to open up a wide range of professional possibilities for graduates. 

Fields of Research

Research areas at the UAS Ulm provides know-how in the energy sector of the smart cities. The focus of the research work lies on the smart grids, photovoltaics, energy storage systems, energy meteorology, and e-mobility

Smart Cities Relevant Activities 

UAS Ulm along with several partner universities, is the main organizer the several summer schools with the emphasis on green and renewable energy, e-Mobility and Smart Cities. 

  1. Green Waves Summer Academy Renewable Energy took place in May 2012, and was organized in cooperation with UAS Technikum Wien Urban Renewable Energy Department, Slovak Technical University Bratislava, Szechenyi University Györ, Obuda University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
  2. Green Waves Autumn Academy  Smart Cities  took place in November 2013 and with UAS Technikum Wien Urban Renewable Energy Department, Slovak Technical University Bratislava, Szechenyi University Györ, Obuda University taking part. 
  3. Green Motions Summer Academy was held in 2014. 30 students from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Sweden enjoyed an informative and also cultural trip along the Danube. During the two and a half week, participants were able to gain new experiences in courses with topics like photovoltaic, energy storage, power conversion, hybrid systems, intelligent transportation system, solar energy for vehicle driving and planning, forecasting of renewables in the different universities.

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