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Tina Vienna

"Smart City Vienna has set itself the task of consistently and continuously modernising the city in order to reduce energy consumption and emissions significantly without having to forego any aspects of consumption or mobility. Smart City Vienna stands for the “intelligent city”, intelligent and innovative solutions, responsible and sustainable use of resources.

The key objective for 2050 is the best quality of life for all inhabitants of Vienna, while minimizing the consumption of resources. This will be realized through comprehensive innovation."


General Discription

TINA Vienna is a subsidiary of Wien Holding GmbH and 100 percent owned by the City of Vienna. As service organization and competence center it supports the City administration, its services and operations.Furthermore, TINA Vienna is hub for urban technologies and strategies for the city with two major pillars: The Smart City Wien Agency and the Energy Centre Wien. TINA Vienna was founded in the mid 90ties to develop new transport strategies for central Europe right after Austria became a member of the European Union and has gradually widened its expertise. Since 2008 TINA Vienna has been working in close collaboration with agencies and companies owned by the city tackling a variety of urban challenges.

Fields of Research

Smart City (esp. Energy, Mobility, ICT, Governance) 

Smart Cities Relevant Activities 

Smart City Wien Agency @ TINA ViennaTINA Vienna has been working in the area of "Smart City Wien" since 2011 and was commissioned in 2012 to establish the Smart City Wien Agency, under a service contract with the city of Vienna. Smart City is an initiative that addresses a cross-section of the entire city and affects virtually all areas of responsibility. Specifically Smart City Vienna describes the development of a city based on a radical protection of resources a holistic perspectives a high, socially fair quality of life as well as a productive use of innovations/new technology. The Smart City Wien Agency supports the efforts of the city to reach its goals and to ensure a successful transformation. This includes a specific focus on research and technology policy in the city, as well as the active involvement of its residents, local industry, research and Viennese businesses in the Smart City Vienna process. Smart City Wien Agency communicates with city departments, stakeholders, companies and citizens alike. The Smart City Wien Agency combines the issues of the future for the city of Vienna, provides them with a common context and offers all of the protagonists a shared platform – to this extent, Smart City Vienna is THE big issue for the future of the city of Vienna.

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