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UAS Technikum Wien

"Growing urbanization and population numbers will introduce the new challenges we will have to face especially in urban areas in the nearest future. In order to develop smart solutions for an efficient and affordable mobility, taking into account resource optimization, the collaboration of the interdisciplinary teams and the inclusion of all of citizen groups are inevitable.


Harald Wahl

Program Director Transport and Environment

UAS Technikum Wien

E: harald.wahl@technikum-wien.at

T: +43 1 333 40 77-236

General Discription

The UAS Technikum Wien is Austria’s largest, purely technical university of applied sciences. By offering bachelor's and master's degree programs, the UAS Technikum Wien has taken important steps towards the internationalization of educational opportunities and the integration of European and non-European university systems. 

Fields of Research

Research at UAS Technikum Wien is always oriented towards the new challenges of social and economic change. The R&D activities are relevance-oriented, which means that they derive the questions that they pose from their use in companies. At the same time, instruction and research go hand in hand at the university of applied sciences. R&D takes place in 15 departments. They provide the framework conditions and resources for sustainable research activities. The following four focuses form the strategic platform – across departments – for research at UAS Technikum Wien:

  1. eHealth
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Tissue Engineering 

Smart Cities Relevant Activities 

UAS Technikum is the managing institution behind the EU-ASCIN project, with the main goal - integration of the smart cities in the education and research. Along with several project partners an academic network has been established supported by the current web platform. The EU-ASCIN platform has 3 main functions:

Information platform

- Providing Smart Cities relevant information

Communication platform

- Providing contacts and framework for joint projects

Learning platform 

- Providing teaching infrastructure and supporting smart cities education at UAS Technikum Wien 

Building on the knowledge of the EU-ASCIN project the smart cities subject is currently being integrated into the existing study programs. Within the Bachelor’s Degree Program Transport and Environment an own Smart Cities specialization with such subjects as Big Data in Smart Cities, Smart Cities Factors,  Socio-Technical Aspects in Smart Cities and Urban Energy Supply has been introduced. Within the Bachelor’s Degree Program Urban Renewable Energy Technologies, students have the possibility to specialize in Smart Cities by working on the Bachelor’s project. The implementation of an own Smart Cities Master’s Degree Program has been accredited by the "Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria" in March 2016. It will start in the winter semester of 2016.

For the sustainable development of the Smart Cities at the UAS Technikum Wien additional research project was elaborated and successfully founded by the City of Vienna. The Smart Cities competence team will support educational and research initiative by building up the required professional Know-How and subsequently teaching Smart Cities courses at UAS Technikum Wien. 

UAS Technikum Wien is the organizer of several Smart Cities related summer schools, such as:

- Green Waves Summer Academy Renewable Energy

- Green Waves Autumn Academy Smart Cities  

- Green Motions Summer 

UAS Technikum Wien provides domain knowledge in several sub areas of Smart Cities, such as Smart Mobility and Smart Environment. UAS Technikum Wien is a part of numerous research projects with the emphasis on renewable energy sources, photovoltaics, electric mobility, new mobility concepts, telematics. 


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