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"Smart cities tackle different aspects, such as traditional (transport) and modern (ICT) communication infrastructure, energy, consumption, wise management of natural resources, participatory governance. Smart cities focus their citizens and their gendered diversity in a broader sense to higher quality of life for all. 

To reach these goals smart cities have to embed gender and diversity dimension in all the processes, stages and products, services and ideas.”


Dr. Bente Knoll

Member of board


Managing director

B-NK GmbH Consultancy for Sustainable Competence

E: bente.knoll@b-nk.at

T:+43 676 6461015


"The expertise in the areas of mobility, energy, the environment and public space in the association WIMEN covers all fields of Smart City. Participatory processes with many target groups are crucial for a successful implementation of smart city.

In terms of mobility crucial factors are slow (moderate) speed of all kind of vehicles and as a result enhanced safety in public areas. We support activities to improve quality of life.


Susanne Wolf-Eberl



E: susanne.wolf-eberl@wolf-eberl-seisser.at

T:+43 664 4240438

General Discription 

WIMEN is an independent, nonpolitical network of associates who use this forum for professional exchange in the field of their expertise. WIMEN provides the necessary background and space for reflection, finding positions and for further personal development. WIMEN focuses on the areas of mobility, energy, ecology and public space. The essential task is to allow free choice in deciding; the latter is made possible by presenting different approaches and different specializations coming from experts of various fields. In our network different positions are made visible, and even seemingly contradictory positions can stand side by side uncontested. The network supports the efforts to discuss publicly the framework conditions and plan for changes. Generally, WIMEN sets new trends and makes these public. Our ideas and actions are guided by the principles of sustainable development, resource conservation and appreciation, and apply the holistic approach.

Fields of Research

WIMEN focuses on the areas of mobility, energy, ecology and public space. Our aim is to provide space for (interdisciplinary) discussion, for presentation and development of individual topics and original ideas, for seeking and identification of new problems, definition of new areas of interest, for gender-specific discussion and for fun! Our approach is typically “bottom-up“ (from bottom to the top) rather than “top-down“ (from top to the bottom). We stress out WE when it comes to the topics of energy, ecology, mobility; our aim is to find a “common voice”.

Smart Cities Relevant Activities 

WIMEN is part of EU-ASCIN project.


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